Building a Civil Society in San Francisco

Posted on  Building a Civil Society in San Francisco

flierThe German Contribution, 1850 to World War I

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015, 2:00 PM

Listen to this compelling story that took a dramatic turn with WW I.

Learn about the Germans who flocked to San Francisco at the time of the Gold Rush. Did you know they were the third largest group to arrive and stay? Learn about their story. Who were they? How did they make a living? What institutions did they found?

Monica Clyde is a member of the Excelsior German Center and President of the German School of the East Bay. Sparked by her own family’s immigration to the United States after WW II, her article on the subject of Germans in San Francisco from the Gold Rush to World War I was recently published in The Argonaut, the magazine of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society.


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